Friday, 13 May 2011


I'm wondering if there's someone out there that has any experience with these little marvels of modern science? From what I've heard, the health risks are significantly reduced from those of traditional cigarettes becasue the chemicals used to treat the tobacco leaf are completely absent. An added bonus is that since they are 'smokeless', you should be able to smoke them in more public places! This fact was even a plot device in last year's movie The Tourist in which Johnny Depp's character remarks that the device allows him to smoke wherever he wants. I knew of their existence before they were featured in The Tourist, but I don't think it was until after that they really surged in popularity. They are now available in all shapes, sizes and colours- from name brand kits for $70 to dealextreme sticks for as low as $5. I was hoping someone could share any knowledge on the subject since I'd really like one, but I'm not sure if they would help me quit or just help solidify my habit. Thoughts?
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Kingmush said...

My girlfriend really wants one... I still think it's a waste of money though.

pho said...

yeah sounds pretty stupid, also 'the tourist' movie sucked

Alphalpha said...

Yea, better than normal cigs or not, shit's still dangerous

carter said...

fuck johnny depp, also e-cigs are bad and anyone who uses them should feel bad.

Vilvos said...

I've tried one to quit. It wasn't like a real one but because i was going through the smoking "process" it just made me want to smoke more. IMO, waste of money.

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