Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Dancing With the DJ

In the newest installment of my effort to bring you songs for summer comes 'Dancing With the DJ'; A sprightly number by B-Roc and JPatt aka The Knocks. Some may recognize them as being responsible for last summer's hit 'Blackout' which is linked below for everyone else's perusal. Also linked and deserving of a spot on your playlist is a hype joint by Poolside.
Check 'em out!

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Kaneda said...

Sounds pretty awesome, always good to hear new music, I am so bored by listening to the same stuff day in day out.

Tachu said...

had my doubts at first, but this is actually pretty cool :D

Icepax_Nmir said...

not really my style of music, but I guess it ain't bad :)

gman said...


Emil said...

really nice blog.

TheBrian said...

Nice finds, thanks for this.

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