Monday, 16 May 2011

The Cheap Bastard Writing Challenge!

I'm selling some Beats by Dr. Dre Studio headphones on Craigslist. I came into a few pairs which I got a pretty great deal on by buying online, and so I figured I'd price them low to undercut the other sellers and make a fast profit. Other guys are asking $2-300 for terrible fakes, and so I got a lot of replies very quickly. I was overwhelmed, though, by the number of people that wanted a further discount on these sweet cans. I got offers anywhere from $60-$100 as if I didn't know what other people were selling them for. At first I had a little fun just telling them where to go and making fun of them, but then I had a much better idea. I started sending out the form reply below:

"Due to the large number of requests I get for discounts I am repling with this challenge. The price I have set for these headphones is $150. At Best Buy they retail for $349.99 + HST for a total of $396. For ease I will round this figure up to $400. The challenge I issue is this: Write me a 1000 word essay on why you feel you deserve a discount beyond the 62.5% which I am offering. Most convincing argument gets these headphones at cost (the price I pay), and will have them delivered as so many of you request as well.

Yes, I'm completely serious and happy writing you cheap fucking bastards."

I'll be posting any essays I receive here and I look forward to deciding on the winner together.
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Only in America said...

currently deciding if i can be arsed participating ^^

ApocTV said...

lol, I can't wait to read the essays. I've actually done a review of the Beats by Dre, they are pretty good. Only thing that seemed 'off' to me is how loud they go. They literally seem like speakers that they put a headband on. Also they are a bit heavy and obviously pricey. Other than that, great product.

I personally use Sony MDR V900HD's.

retrak said...

i'll win, jus sayin

Indyskate said...

hah, that's a good deal already. these essay's better be good.

Zach said...

Haha, in for results.

R.C said...

That's cool, but I'm perfectly happy with my headphones!

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