Saturday, 14 May 2011


For those of you unaware, At&t is attempting to purchase T-Mobile for $39 billion. Arguments abound for and against, but the consequences of either outcome are mostly the same.

Obviously, as a Canadian citizen I can not speak to the state of the American market specifically, but I am still painfully aware of the negative impact a telecommunications oligopoly and inept conservative government can have on consumers. Every day- data, phone and text services become more integral to how we live our lives, and for that reason I am not against government intervention in the market. Here we have the CRTC, which to keep a long story short, does exactly the opposite of what a regulatory board should. They're a bunch of ass-backwards lobbyist shitheads who push offendingly anti-consumer policies into law on behalf of the companies with which they were previously employed. Canadians have had to deal with data caps on home broadband connections as low as 2GB for years now. The success of this merger and getting screwed by your provider do not preclude each other, and for that reason the argument either way is mostly inconsequential. Until there are significant changes in the way these services are governed, the big 3 (perhaps big two by then) will continue to have their way with consumers.

P.S. Even their fucking office looks evil
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carter said...

yo canada, imma let you finish, but egypt had the worst internet situation of all time

pho said...

wow, $39 billion. that is a lot of money

Fortune said...

I really did not think T-mobile was worth that much

Dav0h said...

Soon At&t will buy the world. Promise you on that.

lacrosseman said...

Honestly, there really are two companies that control the wireless market: Verizon and at&t. This is bad since they can set their prices at any level they choose, and people will be forced to pay since we are bound by our cellphones now.

Lucifer said...

when will it all become just one giant company controling everything ?

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